mediPhone (CEO Mayumi Sawada; Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan), a HealthTech startup company, announced its recent fund round raising over 1.1B JPY.  In addition to existing investor, Fast Track Initiative (hereinafter referred to as ‘FTI’), new investors in this round include the University of Tokyo Collaborative Creation Platform Development (UTokyo IPC), the Sony Innovation Fund, and Kepple. The company has also received support from several major financial institutions as a part of this investment. Using these funds, mediPhone plans to build a service that will serve as a medical infrastructure that supports a multicultural society in a new era where people can receive medical care when they need it, regardless of their native language. Masaaki Sato, FTI Venture Partner, is an external BoD of the company.

mediPhone currently has a few services in place including ‘mediPhone’, the medical interpretation service, and ‘mediment’, the cloud health management system. The company also provides comprehensive support for the establishment of ‘mediPhone’ such as training and holding seminars for relevant medical professionals, translation, and the development of a multilingual environment for medical institutions, among others.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, mediPhone took swift action to help ease the drowning healthcare system in Japan. Since then, the company has been introduced to a number of medical institutions, local governments, and other corporations, as its total number of users multiplied to roughly 87,000, as it continues to rise.

FTI is proud to extend its support to mediPhone and its team as a long-term investor and to accompany them in their ventures for years to come. FTI sees great promise in their problem-solving attitude towards a new society where foreign patients can receive healthcare with ease and a peace of mind.


About mediPhone:

mediPhone is a startup business founded in 2018, providing overall comprehensive support for establishing a system for accepting foreign patients. The company is developing multiple services including the telemedicine interpretation service ‘mediPhone’ https://mediphone.jp/mymediphone/, and holding training and seminars for medical professionals regarding facilitating foreign patients. ‘mediPhone’ is being introduced not only to medical institutions but also to local governments and various corporations. In 2021, mediPhone launched ‘mediment’, https://mediment.jp/ a cloud health management system as a new business that contributes to health management and preventive medicine. Go to https://mediphone.jp/ for more details.


About Fast Track Initiative, Inc.:

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