After pivotal clinical trials, PENTAS (President: Tomohiko Kanai; Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo) received PMDA approval for its ‘PENTAS Treatment Planning Program’ and its ‘PENTAS stent’ for domestic commercialization on August 26, 2022. PENTAS has been researching a practical solution that integrates ‘Computational Fluid Dynamics’ (CFD) to optimize the analysis of cerebrovascular fluids. While CFD is being utilized for the treatment of cerebral aneurysm, it has not permeated into a clinical setting due to several limitations. However in recent years, PENTAS successfully developed the world’s first CFD software which calculates the cerebrovascular fluids and simulates the effects of stents on diseases, offering a practical solution to the use of CFD for cerebral aneurysm treatment.

After being established as a subsidiary of Allm in 2015, Pentas began manufacturing and developing the ‘PENTAS treatment planning program’ and ‘PENTAS stent’ shortly thereafter. Allm is in charge of the development of this program, along with support from several institutions including the Japan Agency for Medical Research And Development (AMED) and Professor Yuichi Murayama from the Jikei University School of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery.

PENTAS is pioneering the field of Neuroendovascular treatment with its novel approach to cerebral aneurysm treatment. Fast Track Initiative has been supporting PENTAS since 2018 as the company continues to strive to enable safer, more practical stent treatment in the future.




PENTAS is a medical device/software company based out of Tokyo, Japan, working to innovate cerebral aneurysm treatment since 2015.  The company has been researching a visualization technique that integrates IT and medical devices to optimize the treatment of cerebral aneurysm. PENTAS developed the world’s first ‘Computational Fluid Dynamics’ (CFD) software which calculates cerebrovascular fluids and simulates the effects of stents on diseases. Through its national research and development granted projects, the company also manufactures and sells virtual/intracranial stents and microcatheters. Visit us at https://pentas.allm.net for more details.


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